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About Us

Welcome to the San Luis Rey Watershed, here in northern San Diego County.

The San Luis Rey (SLR) Watershed Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to protect the natural resources within this beautiful watershed.  It is made up of many different stakeholders, all of whom live, work, or play within the San Luis Rey Watershed.  Members range from individuals who just love to explore our hiking trails and beaches, to organizations that work to protect the natural and cultural resources of the San Luis Rey Watershed.

This beautiful, wild watershed is located in northern San Diego County, covering roughly 360,000 acres (562 square miles).  This makes it the largest watershed completely within San Diego County.  It spans from Hot Springs Mountain (at 6,535 feet, the highest peak in San Diego County) to the east, all the way to the lovely Oceanside beaches to the west.  In between these two points, the San Luis Rey River flows 55 miles before emptying into the Pacific Ocean.  This river migrates between surface water flow and sub-surface water flow, depending on where it is within our watershed.

 If you want to learn more about us, just check out our gallery page.  The gallery page has lots of photos from all around the watershed, including: maps, historical aerials, and photos of the different plants, animals, and other natural wonders found here in the San Luis Rey Watershed.  In our news section, we have articles detailing different places to visit around the watershed, the history of the many tribes in our area and early settlers, and details about our natural resources - the plants, animals, geology, and waterways all around us.  We also have lots of articles on different environmental topics: the drought, water-wise landscaping, ideas on how to be green, and so much more.

The San Luis Rey Watershed has so much to offer: hiking trails and observatories, state parks and beaches, famous mineral deposits and hot springs, beautiful oak riparian corridors and rugged chaparral scrubland, agricultural riches and abundant wildlife, to name just a few of our resources.  With all that available, don’t you think it’s time for you to get out and explore the San Luis Rey Watershed?

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