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Are You Ready For Our Summer Heat?

Are You Ready For Our Summer Heat?   Summer is finally here!! Monday will be the first day of summer, and it is already shaping up to be a warm one this year.  We have already set some new records earlier this year, and it looks like we will continue this trend for the rest…
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Star Gazing in the San Luis Rey Watershed

Palomar Mountain is a wonderful place to go if you are interested in gazing at the stars.  That's where you can find the world-famous Palomar Observatory, which is still frequently used by scientists, and is open for tours during the day.  This observatory was built back in the 1930s when light pollution from Los Angeles forced…
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Outdoor Recreation Safety & Stewardship

When exploring the San Luis Rey Watershed, or any outdoor area, these safety and stewardship practices should be followed by you and your group.  This will help protect both you and your groups, as well as the surrounding environment.  Outdoor recreation should always be fun and safe.   Safety Check local weather conditions & be…
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What is a Watershed?

So what exactly is a watershed (also known as a drainage basin)?   It is simply an area of land, surrounded by mountains or ridgelines around the perimeter, where all water/rain within the basin drains to the center and out to an end body of water, usually the ocean or a lake.  Our watershed is…
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