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Board Directors


George Wilkins, President
Pacific REMS, Inc. [At Large / Non-Governmental Organization seat]


George Wilkins is a San Diego-region expert in hydrology, water resources and watershed management.  His education focused on urban and regional planning, earth sciences, water resources and environmental studies.  He worked for the San Diego County Public Works - Hydrology Office for seven years, during which time he helped develop the County’s water resources and watershed management programs.  He is an expert in real-time water resource monitoring, including water quality and water quantity monitoring, research and analysis.  He performed field water quality analysis for the County's NPDES Dry Weather Monitoring Program.  He is experienced with TMDL and NPDES issues for Southern California and can advise on point/non-point source pollution issues for watershed planning efforts.  He has successfully designed and implemented effective water quantity, water quality and watershed monitoring programs for the San Diego region.

Mr. Wilkins professional affiliations include the San Luis Rey Watershed Council, Carlsbad Watershed Network, San Diego Basin Plan Workgroup, Tijuana River Bi-national Flood Warning Program, Native American Environmental Protection Coalition, National Hydrologic Warning Council and ALERT Users Group.

In 2001, Mr. Wilkins served as Watershed Coordinator for the San Luis Rey Watershed Council, a cooperative affiliation of government agencies, Native American Tribes, special districts and non-profit organizations with an interest in the San Luis Rey River watershed.  Working under a grant from the State of California Department of Conservation, George planned and facilitated monthly Watershed Council meetings and stakeholder outreaches.  He arranged for relevant speakers and presentations in order to promote dialogue and partnerships among diverse member organizations.  Mr. Wilkins represented the Watershed Council in regional planning forums, in meetings with elected officials and in news media interviews.  He also coordinated publication of the San Luis Rey River Watershed Guidelines—2000 and provided leadership for innovative projects designed to protect and improve the beneficial uses of the San Luis Rey River.  These projects included co-design of a proposed wetlands project at the Wilderness Gardens Preserve (with Natural Resources Conservation Service).


Water District seat
Paul Dorey, Vice President
Vista Irrigation District (VID) [Water District seat]


Paul E. Dorey was elected to the Vista Irrigation District (VID) Board of Directors in 2006, after retiring as its Director of Water Resources with 33 years of service to the District. One of Paul Dorey's first jobs as a newly hired laborer at the Vista Irrigation District in the early 1970’s was to help stabilize the historic Warner Carrillo Ranch House barn – built in the 1890’s it is the only remaining hand-hewn timber barn remaining in San Diego County. His duties as an employee at the District evolved over his 32 year career, and included responsibility to manage both the water production from Lake Henshaw and the stewardship of the considerable natural resources of the surrounding 43,000 acre Warner Ranch, also owned by the District. Over that time, his appreciation for the San Luis Rey Watershed has grown immensely. The watershed continues to be a vital source of water supply to over a quarter of a million County residents, including several Indian bands. Its importance to Native American life and its role in the western expansion of early Americans are not insignificant. The San Luis Rey Watershed is a bastion of back country values, with farming and ranching remaining among the primary economic activities. And its scenic beauty and its diverse and abundant wildlife are unique in the County.   Paul Dorey has served on the San Luis Rey Watershed Council since 2009.   He and his wife Nancy have lived in Vista since 1971, where they raised their two daughters.


Federally Recognized Tribe seat
Heidi Brow, Secretary/Treasurer
Pala Band of Mission Indians (PBMI) [Federally Recognized Tribe seat]


Heidi Brow has lived and worked in the San Luis Rey Watershed for over a decade, exploring all the different corners of this beautiful watershed.  Her love of this watershed began back in college, while hiking around the slopes of Palomar Mountain with her camera.  There is so much beauty around this region that it is impossible to ever get bored with the land.  Heidi grew up on the East Coast, in a family of outdoor enthusiasts, which helped instill a life-long love of nature and a genuine desire to protect our environment.  She honed her research skills at the University of California, Davis, where she obtained a B.A. in History and Classics.Since 2005, she has worked for the Pala Band of Mission Indians as their Water Resource Specialist, striving to protect and conserve the Tribe’s water resources (including five miles of the San Luis Rey River which flows through the Reservation).   She works on many different issues while working in the Pala Environmental Department, including: drinking water system compliance, surface and groundwater monitoring, non-point source pollution issues, invasive species removal, drought planning, waterwise gardening and low impact development projects like rain barrels and rain gardens.  More than anything, she enjoys working with the public on environmental education outreach, and can often be found working SLRWC outreach booths.


Environmental Organization
Helen Media, Board Member
Native American Environmental Protection Coalition (NAEPC) [Environmental Organization seat]


Helen Medina is a member of the Acjachemen Nation.  She began her work at NAEPC in 2008, overseeing day-to-day financial coordination, maintaining QuickBooks records and reconciliation.  She has worked in financial record keeping for over 10 years.  She holds a certification in advanced QuickBooks operation, and has completed several college level book-keeping courses.  She works monthly with the contracted CPA firm to ensure monthly reconciliation, maintenance on chart of accounts, journal entry and fiscal practices.  She also assists with arranging travel, ordering supplies and maintaining NAEPC Board records. Her prior experience working within banking institutions and within the agriculture field have allowed her to bring a refreshing look at environmental health and industrial toxics which has aided NAEPC in selecting useful training opportunities and programs to the tribes.  She also assists with developing environmental education materials.


Ruth de la Rosa, Board Member
County of San Diego, Department of Public Works [Municipal/County Government/Special District seat]


Land Use Environmental Planner III, Watershed Protection Program Department of Public Works County of San Diego


From hikes on local trails to day trips to the beach, Ruth can be found taking in the natural beauty San Diego has to offer. Inspired by the stunning backdrop, Ruth has spent the past decade dedicated to improving water quality throughout the region. The native San Diegan graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and Food Science and a Master's Degree in Public Health. She is currently a Land Use Environmental Planner III for the County of San Diego, Department of Public Works, Watershed Protection Program, where she was involved with the development of multiple Water Quality Improvement Plans, including the San Luis Rey River Watershed Management Area.