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What is a Greywater System?

Greywater is untreated wastewater that has already been used once, in your house by a clothes washer, bathroom sink or shower, and is then re-used to water your plants and landscape.

Greywater is NOT toilet water, or water from your dishwasher and kitchen sink because there is the possibility of disease-bearing bacteria being in this water from these sources.

Laundry-to-Landscape (LTL) Greywater Systems

LTL is a type of greywater system that features a 3-way valve connected to the washing machine hose faucet? , so that the greywater from the washer can be sent to either your landscape for irrigation, or to your sewer or septic system. The reason why it is permit free is because you don’t need to alter your plumbing in your house. You simply reroute the water through the three-way valve. For information about permitting requirements, see additional resources section.

Benefits of Having a LTL Greywater System

1. Reduce potable water consumption by utilizing greywater

2. Capitalize on the existing pressure from the washing machine pump

3. It helps in droughts by saving a valuable resource-water, and

4. Is Low-cost, adaptable to your needs, and simple to install

Want to learn more?

The San Luis Rey Watershed Council, through funding provided from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, produced a series of water harvesting videos. Click here to learn more about installing a Laundry-to-Landscape system.

Additional Resources

San Diego County - Graywater https://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/sdc/deh/lwqd/lu_graywater_systems.html