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The specific purpose of this corporation is to preserve, protect and enhance the natural, cultural, and economic resources of the San Luis Rey Watershed in the County of San Diego, State of California.

The goals of the San Luis Rey Watershed Council are to:

  • Write and submit grant proposals to support the SLRWC Mission Statement.
  • Develop and implement a watershed-wide water quality and quantity monitoring network.
  • Guide watershed-related policy and decision makers.
  • Promote sustainable agriculture within the watershed.
  • Foster information sharing between stakeholders.
  • Recognize social and historic cultural values within the watershed.

The San Luis Rey Watershed Council (Council) provides a forum to give regional expression to a series of local efforts while supporting and preserving the integrity of the local efforts. The Council is established to provide a network for building a basin wide context to conserve watershed health. It operates through consensus-based collaboration, partnerships, coordination of research and monitoring, and enhancing mutual education among the stakeholders of the San Luis Rey River.

Policy direction for the Council comes from the stakeholders of the basin. The Council functions through consensus based Working Committees whose membership is open to anyone with interest, and through regular general stakeholder meetings held throughout the watershed.