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Are You Ready For Our Summer Heat?

Are You Ready For Our Summer Heat?


Summer is finally here!!

Monday will be the first day of summer, and it is already shaping up to be a warm one this year.  We have already set some new records earlier this year, and it looks like we will continue this trend for the rest of the year.  Keep reading for some more summer heat tips.



It’s official - The 2015-2016 El Niño is finally over, and it was a record-breaking El Niño season (even if it didn’t result in a lot of rain for us).  We have now moved into a neutral phase which looks like it will become a La Niña (cool & dry conditions) by Fall 2016.  The little rain that we did receive this past year helped to improve drought conditions in the Pacific Northwest, however, here in San Diego the drought is still very much present.  The state of California is currently in its 5th year of drought, with a two year deficit in our rain levels.  Also, 2014 and 2015 were the hottest years on record, both for our region and globally.

Here’s a short video from San Diego’s National Weather Service (NWS) Office about what summer 2016 holds for us:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTYbxCAzuzs

If you want to learn more about what this (potentiallY record-breaking June heatwave might have in store for us, check out The California Weather Blog.  This site always has interesting, up-to-date, and relevant articles about our local weather.


Here are some fun San Diego Summer Weather stats!

Here are some fun San Diego Summer Weather stats!




So what does this mean for us here in San Diego?  Well, the potential for wildfires is above average this year.  That means it is very important for you to keep a ‘defensible space’ around your home by removing dead vegetation/weeds around your home, using fire-resistant plants, and other tips.

Summer heat is another hazard to plan for, since San Diego often gets heat waves.  It is often during these events that our energy grid becomes stressed with overuse, causing blackouts, so use your electricity wisely.  Children, pets, and elderly relatives are particularly susceptible to high heat, so plan ahead to keep them safe by checking out these tips.

Severe Weather - monsoons, flooding, lightning, and hurricanes are all possible during our summer months.  Last year, Ramona experienced a 150-year flood event during a monsoonal summer storm that caused a lot of damage to property.  Learn how to protect yourself with these helpful tips.

Summer months draw big crowds to our beaches, so be safe.  Learn how to get yourself out of a rip current, if you get caught.  Pay attention to the tsunami route exit signs that will lead you to higher ground.  Also, be aware that last year, we saw numerous lightning strikes on our beaches during summer storms.





Summer in the San Luis Rey Watershed is a time for explorating of our beaches and mountains.  Please note that there are some parks with limited access during our hottest summer months; for example, Wilderness Gardens Preserve and Hellhole Canyon Preserve are both closed for the entire month of August due to the summer heat.  However, there are so many other places to check out and explore this upcoming summer.  Check out our trail section or other articles to find out more places to go.

Every summer, the SD Department of Parks and Recreation host a series of free outdoor movie events in parks throughout the county.  These are all great family-friendly events, and with tons of locations, there’s sure to be an event near you.  All movies start at dusk, but come early to secure your spot and check out the fun booths and activities beforehand.

Here's a list of 50 FREE things to do in San Diego in the summer.

If you are interested in finding fun stuff to do, closer to home, check out this list of items from around North County San Diego.


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